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For nearly 90 years Toshiba has been supplying steam turbines and generators for its many customers throughout the world. In North America, Toshiba has been a leading supplier of large steam turbines for thermal, nuclear, cogeneration and combined-cycle applications, including enhanced machines for the latest “G” and “H” type gas turbines. Progressive advancement in turbine design features, such as high efficiency blade designs, improved sealing technologies and low loss bearings, have ensured that Toshiba steam turbines have become the technology of choice for the largest power producers.

Turbine Design Features

  • Optimized steam paths featuring reaction design or impulse design with rugged, compartment-type construction
  • High-pressure steam inlet construction
  • Advanced, high-efficiency last stage blades
  • True center support construction of the casing and nozzle diaphragms
  • Advanced shaft packing and sealing designs
  • Solid rotor, flexible shaft construction
  • Tilting pad journal bearing
  • Tapered-land type thrust bearing
  • Horizontal-split casing, nozzle and gland packing construction
  • HP EHC control system with high control accuracy
  • Standard block design
  • Proven design features for high reliability and low O&M costs

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